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Failing At (our) Quest 101

about us and why we're still doing what we do

Mainly for mocking us when we ask questions and know we won't like the answer. This was made for jokes and a bit of history of what Nikki and I keep doing. :D But also I just wanted to clean up the main home page so it doesn't get too long.

Who the hell are you

This is Nikki

Nikki translates, posts scenarios, and constantly @'s Wada and Sakurai at Dee. Please don't do the last one.

This is Dee

Dee draws and maintains the website but she really just wants to play video games. Please just fucking let Dee play Ao no Kiseki Evolution.

But Dee, you finished Ao no Kiseki

Please just fucking let Dee play Ao no Kiseki Evolution New Game+

Dee quit Ao no Kiseki NG+



We run trailsofcoldtears @ dreamwidth, join for quality content. We definitely doesn't post Wada things.

What fresh hell is this

An explanation:

Ten years ago and put it upon themselves to put the cast of TeniMyu Season 1 into the Golden Sun GBA video game naming the AU GoldenMyu. Then Golden Sun 3 Dark Dawn came out. They would then retire from TeniMyu and create spawn AUs for 8059 and G/Ugetsu. (They also have a cast for RebornMyu which STILL HASN'T BEEN MADE YET PLEASE HIRE--)

For some awkward reason, Nikki and Dee have returned with another AU now with the Daiya no A The Live cast. Because Dee has now drawn too much butai trash, this page was made to document... things. Even though a butai fanart page has not been coded yet.

※as of May 31 2018, Reborn stage was officially cast, effectively ending our original plan. RIP

The 10 second version explanation:

One day Nikki said WadaRen would make a better Coffeeshop AU than Misawa. Dee said wow get away from me this instant.

Then this. All this happened.

Dee's sudden realization:

I can't belive ten years later I'm literally doing this fucking again.

recruit to your party y/n?

How is this still a thing

Well Nikki and Dee like WadaRen. And Subaru/Shiina.

But we ALSO like to make ships suffer. And both, can be done successfully.

There are as many NPCs as there are coffeeshop workers

Okay you can't prove or confirm that

For someone who doesn't like drawing Wada with a :3 face, you draw Wada a lot with :3

That's his face, there's nothing I can do about that

Wen Masanari

still playing ao no kiseki

Nikki: Dee this isn't acceptable

Dee: still playing ao no kiseki

So who likes sidequests?

Wait, sidequests?


What sidequests?

The Neko Atsume x #wadarencoffeeshopau OVA

W H Y?

Dee was trying to avoid drawing Wada Masanari in the AU, so Dee put everyone in Neko Atsume!

There are more named cats in the game than the actual AU

Well it's easier to rename cats than to draw

and like, idunno how to add people like Yuuki or Ando... so...

Why did a site even

because I have nothing better to do

Dee, no one gets your S-craft references on the website header


/puts favorite Sen no Kiseki III original soundtrack title instead

Older tweets have a different url, why

Everything used to be documented on a single page. Then I started to realize it's really unethical to have people load a page with 80 thumbnails. If you have the original link to the page, it will automatically redirect (•̀ᴗ•́)و

The link above is how the original page looked as of April 3 2018.



Did Kuroba Mario really hack the website

Yes. Next question.

Did Kuroba Mario really hack the website

This was a joke hack I did for Nikki's birthday because her bday doodle page was to be shared with RenRen.

Did Twitter moments break

Probably. Because of this, moments are now as follows:
Season 1 - all tweets from 2017
Season 2 - all tweets from 2018
OVA - Neko Atsume sidequest (ongoing - started in 2018)
Season 3 - ongoing tweets from 2019

Moments will now be done by year with the exception of the OVA as it is not frequently updated

press square open menu choose status

What is this Dee, a fucking video game


Milestones & older I guess important dates or whatever

Started: January 24 2017
Fanwork started: January 29 2017
Webpage uploaded: May 1 2017
Half year milestone: July 24 2017
Birthday weekend!: August 11-12 2017 - for our creator and renren lolll
Surpass # of 8059spawnau files: September 20 2017
#wadarencoffeeshopau moments on twitter: September 25 2017
Realization that this AU date corresponds with Goldenmyu dates: October 12 2017
Art Summary 2017: December 17 2017
Final year update: December 31 2017

One Year Anniversary - Nikki side: January 24 2018
One Year Anniversary - Dee side: January 29 2018
One Year Anniversary - Website going live: May 1 2018
100 Fanart milestone reached: June 14 2018
Twitter moments redone: August 7 2018
100 4koma milestone reached: --
Art Summary 2018: December 31 2018
Art Summary but with only RenRen's OAO face, mostly

Two Year Anniversary - Nikki side: January 24 2019
Two Year Anniversary - Dee side: January 29 2019

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