Spiral of Erebos
Phantom Raid ♦ Wheel of Time

The WadaRen Coffeeshop AU

okay but why though

Because we can

Nikki and Dee have returned to their former butai glory

This is just a lot of things

This is Nikki.

This is Dee.

This is a thing we're still doing.

What fresh hell is this

One day Nikki said WadaRen would make a better Coffeeshop AU than Misawa. Dee said wow get away from me this instant.

Who keeps allowing this


August 10 2019: So for Nikki's bday Kuroba hacked the website again ( •̀ω•́ )✧

how horrible ( ・ω・)つ

It's been stored away but you can still see it.

Then I went away for a week and kept it there sorry XD

November 6 2019: ...Oh wow wait, this hack/hiatus has been here since AUGUST. Yikes then. Well here's... a kinda update. I made terrible changes to the cast list. Enjoy!

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I guess I accidentally made a new Arc to celebrate the release of Trails of Cold Steel III in the West.

dee's status: still art blocked; still playing sen no kiseki

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