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The WadaRen Coffeeshop AU

Because we can

Nikki and Dee have returned to their former butai glory

Stuff we do because of reasons


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Original Twitter Archive

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➤ Fanart posted on twitter first before edited and uploaded to this page, this is mainly for reference but sometimes the original tweet I'm trying to be funny. I'm not.
➤ Sometimes the #wadarencoffeeshopau tag is used but it is not accurate
Moments archive on Twitter, updating until tweets disappear


Until Dee can con Nikki into writing fanfic, here are scenarios that may or may not serve as potential drawing material

Sometimes once in a while Dee comes up with scenarios too but not really just kidding Dee just finds things in video games

Pre-Kuroba Arc
That Damn Part Timer Arc
Shiina Arc
Alternate Timeline
From a thought if Ren actually DID work there part time as well, apparently we are not like an otome game with a bad ending. We are Dragon Ball Z. I guess.


From friends who like our stuff ヽ(・∀・)ノ

➤ Oshi @oshietee
➤ Trix @Isashikeys
➤ Mer @merionettes*
The Open Mic Night and continous support for Wada Masanari would not have been possible without Mer. Also when she asks for Shiina/Subaru I kind of do it anyways because reasons
ps thank you for showing us Ren Ren Coffee

It took us ten years but we did it ヽ( ; ▽ ; )ノ No seriously thank you friends who tolerate the things we do

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