termination slash dawn
cross raven

The WadaRen Coffeeshop AU

Because we can

Nikki and Dee have returned to their former butai glory

How does this have arcs

We are 100% committed to having Wada and Subaru delivering the most terrible puns and pickup lines of all time to Ren and Shiina.

Pre-Kuroba Days: is just Subaru suffering

That Damn Part-Timer: both Subaru and Wada suffering

Shiina Arc: a supposed before Subaru and Shiina met story, also just Subaru/Shiina really

Alternate Timeline: worst timeline, Dragon Ball Z future when Trunks is killed by Cell and has his time machine stolen

That's it. That's the story. (THERE'S A STORY??)

The Cast so far

usual suspects: a visual guide

The Coffee Shop Crew
Wada Takuma
Taizo Shiina
Hirose Tomoki
Kuroba Mario
The Regulars
Ozawa Ren
Hayama Subaru
Ueda Yusuke
Takahashi Ryosuke
Ikeoka Ryousuke
Fukazawa Taiga*
*yet to make an official appearance
**not actual profile image
People we considered

➤ Ando Ayaka - Dee has never followed through with this
➤ Fukazawa Taiga - he will appear. we promise
➤ Wada Masanari - Nikki's words, not mine. (PS SOON. S O O N . )

Dee's usual I can make a fucking relationship chart

Master since GoldenMyu

Version 3 2017.10.16
Version 2 posted on 2017.04.10
Version 1 but THIS IS WEAK AF posted on 2017.03.26

Because I can make a disaster of a chart since 2007

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