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The WadaRen Coffeeshop AU

Because we can

Nikki and Dee have returned to their former butai glory

This is just a lot of things

This is Nikki.

This is Dee.

This is a thing we're still doing.

What fresh hell is this

An explanation:

Ten years ago Nikki and Dee put it upon themselves to put the cast of TeniMyu Season 1 into the Golden Sun GBA video game naming the AU GoldenMyu. Then Golden Sun 3 Dark Dawn came out. They would then retire from TeniMyu and create spawn AUs for 8059 and G/Ugetsu. (They also have a cast for RebornMyu which STILL HASN'T BEEN MADE YET PLEASE HIRE--)
as of May 31 2018, Reborn stage was cast effectively ending our original plan. RIP

For some awkward reason Nikki and Dee have returned with another AU now with the Daiya no A The Live cast. Because Dee has now drawn too much butai trash, this page was made to document... things. Even though a butai fanart page has not been coded yet.

The 10 second version explanation:

One day Nikki said WadaRen would make a better Coffeeshop AU than Misawa. Dee said wow get away from me this instant.

Then this. All this happened.

Dee's sudden realization:

I can't belive ten years later I'm literally doing this fucking again.


What is this Dee, a fucking video game


June 16 2018: WE'VE REACHED 100 FANART!! To celebrate a special doodle page was done!

May 1, 2018: HOORAY! THIS WEBPAGE IS ONE YEAR OLD! AND.... WE HAD TO CHANGE IT... TO AN ACTUAL WEBSITE BECAUSE THE AU WAS GETTING TOO BIG....... SO I BROKE THE LINK..... yeah.... ok..... the website is now up to date after a month of trolling around 'w' It's more work to maintain more pages but... I will live.
No worries! If you have the original link to the page, it will automatically redirect (•̀ᴗ•́)و

Started: January 24 2017
Fanwork started: January 29 2017
Page uploaded: May 1 2017
Half year milestone: July 24 2017
Birthday weekend!: August 11-12 2017 - for our creator and renren lolll
Surpass # of 8059spawnau files: September 20 2017
#wadarencoffeeshopau moments on twitter: September 25 2017
Realization that this AU date corresponds with Goldenmyu dates: October 12 2017
Art Summary 2017: December 17 2017
Final year update: December 31 2017

One Year Anniversary - Nikki side: January 24 2018
One Year Anniversary - Dee side: January 29 2018
One Year Anniversary - Website going live: May 1 2018
100 Fanart milestone reached: June 14 2018

next milestone: I DO NOT KNOW ? ? ?

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