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The WadaRen Coffeeshop AU

Because we can

Nikki and Dee have returned to their former butai glory

What fresh hell is this

An explanation:

Ten years ago Nikki and Dee put it upon themselves to put the cast of TeniMyu Season 1 into the Golden Sun GBA video game naming the AU GoldenMyu. Then Golden Sun 3 Dark Dawn came out. They would then retire from TeniMyu and create spawn AUs for 8059 and G/Ugetsu. (They also have a cast for RebornMyu which STILL HASN'T BEEN MADE YET PLEASE HIRE--)

For some awkward reason Nikki and Dee have returned with another AU now with the Daiya no A The Live cast. Because Dee has now drawn too much butai trash, this page was made to document... things. Even though a butai fanart page has not been coded yet.

The 10 second version explanation:

One day Nikki said WadaRen would make a better Coffeeshop AU than Misawa. Dee said wow get away from me this instant.

Then this. All this happened.

Dee's sudden realization:

I can't belive ten years later I'm literally doing this fucking again.

How does this have arcs

We are 100% committed to having Wada and Subaru delivering the most terrible puns and pickup lines of all time to Ren and Shiina.

Pre-Kuroba Days: is just Subaru suffering

That Damn Part-Timer: both Subaru and Wada suffering

Shiina Arc: a supposed before Subaru and Shiina met story, also just Subaru/Shiina really

Alternate Timeline: worst timeline, Dragon Ball Z future when Trunks is killed by Cell and has his time machine stolen

That's it. That's the story. (THERE'S A STORY??)

The Cast so far

usual suspects: a visual guide

The Coffee Shop Crew
Wada Takuma
Taizo Shiina
Hirose Tomoki
Kuroba Mario
The Regulars
Ozawa Ren
Hayama Subaru
Ueda Yusuke
Takahashi Ryosuke
Ikeoka Ryousuke
Fukazawa Taiga*
*yet to make an official appearance
**not actual profile image

Dee's usual I can make a fucking relationship chart

Master since GoldenMyu

Version 3 2017.10.16
Version 2 posted on 2017.04.10
Version 1 but THIS IS WEAK AF posted on 2017.03.26

Because I can make a disaster of a chart since 2007

Stuff we do because of reasons


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Original Twitter Archive

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➤ Fanart posted on twitter first before edited and uploaded to this page, this is mainly for reference but sometimes the original tweet I'm trying to be funny. I'm not.
➤ Sometimes the #wadarencoffeeshopau tag is used but it is not accurate
Moments archive on Twitter, updating until tweets disappear


Until Dee can con Nikki into writing fanfic, here are scenarios that may or may not serve as potential drawing material

Sometimes once in a while Dee comes up with scenarios too but not really just kidding Dee just finds things in video games

Pre-Kuroba Arc
That Damn Part Timer Arc
Shiina Arc
Alternate Timeline
From a thought if Ren actually DID work there part time as well, apparently we are not like an otome game with a bad ending. We are Dragon Ball Z. I guess.


From friends who like our stuff ヽ(・∀・)ノ

➤ Oshi @oshietee
➤ Trix @Isashikeys

It took us ten years but we did it ヽ( ; ▽ ; )ノ No seriously thank you friends who tolerate the things we do


What is this Dee, a fucking video game


April 3 2018: APRIL FOOLS UPDATE except not really because we both did things and this page is still here and it's not april fools day....

...sorry for not updating for a month and half... but i banned inner wada and was really concentrating on trails in the sky the 3rd evolution and jumped into zero no kiseki evolution and then wada things appeared and then i got mad and then--

Started: January 24 2017
Fanwork started: January 29 2017
Page uploaded: May 1 2017
Half year milestone: July 24 2017
Birthday weekend!: August 11-12 2017 - for our creator and renren lolll
Surpass # of 8059spawnau files: September 20 2017
#wadarencoffeeshopau moments on twitter: September 25 2017
Realization that this AU date corresponds with Goldenmyu dates: October 12 2017
Art Summary 2017: December 17 2017
Final year update: December 31 2017
One Year Anniversary - Nikki side: January 24 2018
One Year Anniversary - Dee side: January 29 2018

next milestone: ...it was going to be 50 fanart files but it already past... so... 100.

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