Tenth Vongola Generation
Sawada "Tsuna" Tsunayoshi - 10th generation Vongola Family Boss
Yamamoto Takeshi - Rain Guardian, Vongola's Swordsmaster [...] He's still an idiot. Gokudera Hayato - Storm Guardian, Tenth Vongola's Right Hand Man
Uri - Gokudera's weapon box animal who doesn't stay in the box and half lives on Toshi's head. Likes to eat Yamamoto's bird daily. Kojirou - Yamamoto's weapon box animal. A bird with a thousand lives. (fandom names that are still memorable: Yabird, Penguin, Swellow)
Jirou - Yamamoto's other weapon box animal. It's a dog. What with this dog > cat > bird we have some awkward food chain going on here. FOR RENT!
Bianchi - Gokudera's half sister. Toshi appears to not fear her as much as his parents and the rest of the family does? Hibari Kyoya (+ Hibird) - "Uncle Hibari" can be found often patrolling around Namimori schools when he's NOT killing people.
Toshi - Yamamoto and Gokudera's son. Biological mother currently MIA

Primo Vongola Generation

Oh yeah we went thar.
Giotto Vongola I / Primo - founder of the Vongola Family, he was the one who also found Asagi and told G and Ugetsu to raise her lol what a shipper
G. - Primo Storm Guardian, Giotto's Right Hand Man and childhood friend. It's Gokudera if he topped in his past life. Asari Ugetsu - Primo Rain Guardian, music lover. Ugetsu is the mommy of the relationship 8D
Asagi - G and Ugetsu's adopted daughter. She was found abandoned in the woods.