Ore-sama no bigi ni yoina

KATSU NO WA HYOTEI! This fansite is for listing all Cross With You Productions by Emiko and DTN. Frying brains, burning eyes, and killing fandoms since March of 2006.


Welcome to the "Cross With You" series! Yes the page has a damn name. Deal. XD This is reference and where all Prince of Tennis and TeniMyu dorkyness and crack will be posted as they crossover or/and cosplay as other fandoms. The idea for the title and the majority of the Hyotei material was by Emiko and others. Because the original "Cross With You" page back on Icy Flames was getting so ridiculously long, this site was born so everything can be in one place.

For the love of god turn back now and don't read further if you fear the crack of Prince of Tennis, mostly Hyotei. Eyes will burn :), brains will shatter within seconds :D, please do not shoot me. XD


This site and it's fanworks are yaoi friendly and supports RPS (Real Person Slash). So whatever it's called, expect boys to be over one another. There is het though. Works will range in the G to PG-13 ratings, nothing as of yet has been made above R. Yet but DTN could be lying. Because most of this is completely made up, you may see some OOC (out of characterness) and things that are just plain wrong. DTN also tends to swear a lot and applies to her fanart/doujinshi.

Standard Disclaimer

We don't own the characters and never will. We only abuse harass torture laugh at insanely fangirl over use them for our own amusment. Fanworks of icons, fanfiction, and fanart are either done by Emiko or DTN. Please do not take or repost unless permission is given.
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